How to design for IoT smart battery dashboard


I have been working in a British leading smart battery company designing and implementing UI for IoT (Internet of Things) batteries. Our digital dashboards target both consumers and business. This article is going to walk you through my redesign process for our consumer-orientated apps (both web and mobile) using a design system and note down my design decisions.

Left: V1 mobile app vs. Right: Redesign

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1. Context

City, is a word that associated with hustle, but also as a net that tightly connects everyone. In everyday life, we are in the society where we have the responsibility to meet, share, talk and exchange with different people including colleagues, customers, families even strangers, which forced us to be energetic and passionate. However, buried in the rapid work, people are long for a peaceful and tranquil place, where they can stay alone only with themselves.

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Charlotte Zhang

I am a London-based Chinese developer and a designer

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